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Transform Any Image
Into a Speaker With

SOUND ART™ is the only high quality Bluetooth speaker product that incorporates state of the art sound technology with custom artwork or photos. Onsia SOUND ART allows any space imaginable to be filled with your own music from a high quality canvas. Use your own photo or choose from our wide variety of beautiful art in our gallery by


sound art controlled with phone

Controlled with your
smart phone/device

sound art Bluetooth compatible


sound art speaker 8 hr battery life

Up to 8 Hours
of continuous music
life in one charge

sound art multiple sizes

Multiple sizes

sound art speaker

Why SOUND Art?

Combining your favorite artwork with the power of an Onsia’s Bluetooth enabled sound! SOUND ART™ ushers in an era of invisible, beautiful and amazing sound throughout your home and redefines your entire entertainment system. The need to reclaim your floor space and rid your home of unsightly speaker boxes that need to be bolted to the wall is now a thing of the past. Sound Art™ is beautifully hidden behind a high grade textured canvas wrap.

Setting up Sound Art in your home or business.

Step #1:

Go online at:
and then go to the gallery
to look at images.

Step #2:

Write down the Title
of the image you like
and we will order it
for you!

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Note: As a dealer we have better prices and more sizes to choose from then what you'll see
online. If you don't see what you are looking for just let us know and we will try to find it for you!


How Big Does My Image Need Bo Be?

We recommend that you upload the largest, highest resolution (clearest) image you have. Generally speaking, the image should be at least half the size of the canvas size you’re interested in (i.e. — for a 16”×20” canvas, we would prefer the image to be at least 8”×10”).

What Types of Files Can I Upload From Photos to Art?

We accept photos that are formatted as “jpg”, “png”, “pdf”, “tiff”, or “gif”